Who we are

BÉABA is known worldwide for its unique ability to create innovative products for the baby care industry with a focus on design and technology. Since 1989, the company's mission has been to listen to what parents want, ensuring that safety, functionality and ergonomics are at the forefront of every baby item created. In 2012, BÉABA began acquiring other babycare brands and formed the Peek-A-Boo holding company. BÉABA HK is a subsidiary of the Peek-A-Boo Group.


BÉABA feeding products are easily recognized for their beautiful, colorful design. All BÉABA products are developed in France by a team of celebrated designers.


To promote the healthiest eating habits in children, BÉABA has designed a range of cooking and feeding products with a full collection of complementary accessories. The groundbreaking Babycook®, the Original Baby Food Maker™, revolutionized traditional infant feeding by offering parents an easy, safe and well-designed way to cook healthy and tasty food for babies and family. The patented system allows parents to steam, blend, warm and defrost tasty and nutritious meals in a matter of minutes.


For over 25 years, BÉABA has created well designed products that help families live a healthier lifestyle. Our Babycook® has been a major part of these efforts, and we are especially proud of Solo and Babycook® Duo with even more time-saving features: We listened to parents' requests when we designed Duo which now gives you the freedom to cook with one hand as we all know that today's parents need to multi-task!

As a result of the continued success of Babycook®, BÉABA is expanding into other categories in the baby care industry to make busy parents' lives easier.

Our designers

"My job as a designer ? It is to place purpose and seduction at the service of an imagination nourished by plans and drawings. BÉABA having become THE reference in 1st age child care products ( which had been my wish in the 1989 editorial of the catalogue), and Babycook®THE reference for steamer-cooker-blenders. What more could its author dream of for our 20 year collaboration anniversary? Bravo and thanks to the whole team. Very truly yours"

Product designer - Jean-Michel Chaudeurge

" The job of the designer : making products which are aesthetically pleasing, functionnal, ergonomic, clever, and so much more... "

Product designer - Amanda Corney design

" Beautiful, Obvious, Clever, my ABC stage when I designed Cube and my first toothbrush "

Product designer - Frédéric Bugnot design

" Conceiving products for BÉABA is the possibility to fully express yourself in an approach where Innovation and Design are really put forward. "

Product designer – INOVEO

" Design must be at the crossroads of the complex equation set by the users (the babies) , the buyers (the parents) and the manufacturers (BÉABA)...it is the well-balanced result of the this problem that makes our job so joyful... "

Product designer - EDDS design

" Passing on an emotion through judicious objects which will reinforce the link between children and their parents is our ambition when working with BÉABA. "

Product designer - Incognito design studio

Concept Store

BÉABA store
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Open from Monday to Saturday
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