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Peel, wash and cut the pear into half and remove the pips and core.

Cut into small 1cm cubes.

Put in the steamer basket.

Pour water into the tank (level 2) and start cooking.

Remove the cooking liquid and put it aside in a small container.

Put the pear in the blender bowl and blend adding some of the cooking liquid until you obtain the desired consistency.

Why pears?

Pears have a profile similar to apples: they are a source of simple carbohydrates (sugars), that is to say sugars that are rapidly available for the organism after they have been eaten.Pears contain soluble fibres which are transformed into a gel in the intestine, which thus allows good regulation of transit and protects the lining of the intestine.  

If you choose ripe fruit, they will be naturally sweeter than those picked when not ripe.  Their nutritional and gustatory properties are also more interesting.

With pears, the only little difficulty could be the slightly grainy texture of the fruit, which is not eliminated even after fine blending.Some children are put off by this astringency, but it is not the case for all.Food diversification is often a moment when the taste buds are seeking new sensations.Take advantage of this!




  • Age 4-6 months
  • Type of dish Soups and purées

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