140g lettuce

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Wash the lettuce and separate the leaves.

Pour water into the tank (level 3).

Put the lettuce leaves in the steamer basket and start the cooking process.

When they are cooked, put the lettuce in the blender bowl.

Add some of the cooking liquid to bring to the desired consistency and blend.


Why lettuce?

Lettuce is a vegetable rich in beta-carotenes, which are also found in carrots and play a role in the organism’s production of vitamin A, very good for the eyes.Due to its high soft fibre content, it is non-irritating for your baby’s intestine and improves transit.  

We appreciate lettuce for its calming properties, due to lactucarium, a rather strange name for a product that “resembles” opium without the risks linked to 



  • Age 4-6 months
  • Type of dish Soups and purées

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140g lettuce