140 g of broccoli

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Remove the broccoli florets leaving very little of the stem.

Soak them a few minutes in water and vinegar.

Place them in the steam basket.

Pour water into the tank (level 3) and start cooking.

Place the broccoli in the mixer bowl. Mix by adding a part of the cooking liquid until the desired consistency.


Why broccoli?

Despite concerns it may raise as a member of the cabbage family, broccoli is perfectly suited to the introduction of food variety. Well tolerated by the intestinal mucosa of the baby, it is a vegetable whose taste is sweet when cooked. Very rich in vitamin C, we will appreciate being able to give it to baby to eat, hardly cooked or raw, so as to preserve the vitamin C which is not resistant to heat. For this, it is necessary to wait until baby is 12 months to give him raw vegetables. Then you can pass the broccoli into the blender without cooking it, making a kind of broccoli semolina.

Broccoli is also interesting for its vitamin K intake and B9 (folate), especially when cooked. It is also excellent for pregnant women.



  • Age 4-6 months
  • Type of dish Soups and purées

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140 g of broccoli